In recognition of the important role that proper forensic science plays in the investigation of crimes throughout the nation, from exonerating the innocent to identifying the guilty, the listed organizations would like to recognize the scientific and technical professionals that serve our communities in this vital role. Therefore, we recognize September 18-24, 2022 as the Tenth Annual National Forensic Science Week.

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Forensic science week activities

During Forensic Science Week, we encourage the following activities:

Forensic Providers

Forensic Service Providers
  • Recognize the contribution of forensic scientists at your laboratory
  • Organize community events to encourage a better understanding of forensic science
  • Provide tours to local, state, and federal policy makers to gain a better insight into current capabilities and future demands
  • Work with your agency’s PIO to contact local media and invite them to cover events hosted during the National Forensic Science Week

Public Policy Makers

Youth Ministry
  • Recognize the contribution of your local laboratory to the community through citations or resolutions
  • Formally declare the week “Forensic Science Week” by proclamation
  • Issue a press release recognizing the work your crime lab does in the community
  • Visit your local crime laboratory to gain an understanding of their capabilities and needs

Media / Local Citizens

Women's Ministry
  • Attend community events sponsored by local crime laboratories
  • Take tours of local crime laboratories
  • Media Members:  Do local news stories highlighting work of the lab in the community
  • Ask local laboratories about their fiscal and legislative needs

Forensic Science: Service Justice Serving Communities

Planning Guide

The Forensic Science Week Planning Guide below can be used as a catalyst for your own celebration of Forensic Science Week.