Wisconsin celebrates 2019 Forensic Science Week


In Wisconsin, we honored our Forensic science professionals from all across the state. Our Governor and AG both recognized the great work of our dedicated professionals from all three of Wisconsin’s forensic science laboratories (Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau). The top management celebrated by localized events (which included delicious cake!) and sharing the transformative process the labs have been going through over the past few years. Staff shared their stories of why they got into forensics- these are heartwarming stories that brings the community closer together. Since 1947, the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories have been a stronghold in our state and have housed preeminent scientists in several disciplines (latent prints, ten-print, forensic imaging, footwear, firearms, toolmarks, controlled substances, toxicology, trace, DNA/biology, DNA database, crime scene response).  The laboratories house 180 staff members and serve the entire state. We are proud of the dedication, professionalism and sound scientific methodology employed by the crime labs. On Wisconsin!